Forget Your Face

This is very different from what I ordinarily post.  Music from the 90s.  I’m quite close to one of the band members and guys are pretty cool too!  Some of you will definitely remember this band.  Many of you won’t but have a listen.  I like their music, always have.

8 thoughts on “Forget Your Face

    1. An indie band from the mid-90s called Forget Your Face. Never made it big but toured Western Canada and put out a couple of CDs. The lead singer is my daughter, she’s now a sociologist working for a non-profit in Victoria, BC. Jared Ferrie plays guitar. He’s now a journalist based in Cambodia at the moment. Josh Aykroyd plays the bass and lives in Victoria working in the building trades. The drummer is Silas ?. Lost track of him.


    1. I knew that! Had a brain fart. They happen more frequently to me since I retired last year! So, Jared’s in town next month for a few days, Josh and Marika live in Victoria. Does Silas still play the drums?


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