The Tyee – Meet some of Surrey’s formerly homeless

The Tyee – Meet some of Surrey’s formerly homeless.

Interesting approach to dealing with homelessness in Surrey, British Columbia. To have a look, click on the link above to The Tyee, one of my favourite sources for news.

This approach seems to be working, at least for some people.  I’d like to see a proper evaluation of it, but then I’d like to see a proper evaluation of all programs organizations advance in the cause of ending homelessness.  Evaluation is the key to determining whether a program is successful or not.  Of course, once a program, any program, gets off the ground and survives its first 2 or 3 years of operation it gets a life of its own and that’s hard to give up, even in the light of ‘thin’ success on the ground.  But programs can change rather than die and become more relevant and successful with a new approach to evaluation called developmental evaluation that includes the evaluator in a dialogue with the program to get its practice in line with its goals and objectives.