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  1. I am reposting the post I put on the original file here, Roger.

    How about asking people why they believe things rather than telling them. I speak specifically here of why Christians believe in Christ as their saviour and in God as their creator. I read this article and it does not apply to me. I don’t think humans “create inequality”. Some people are gifted with greater intelligence or abilities than other people. They are “born that way” and develop their talents. I have been a believer in Christ since I was a young girl. When I reached 21 years of age, the local pastor visited our home and invited us to the community church. At first, I didn’t want to attend, but when I found out it was interdenominational, I thought I would give it a try. I got into Bible studies with the women there and always questioned the statements people made that I didn’t quite buy. I gave the pastor a rough time challenging him on his doctrines and decided to study the Bible at home on my own. There I found a life-transforming message and it was that life-transforming message that kept me studying. Later, I had a “life-transforming” experience that gave me a new perspective on life and greater courage to face life’s challenges. I have basically lived my life by my own intelligence and work and talent etc. I believe these abilities were given to me by my creator and feel very blessed, even if I whine now and then about things that have happened that are “not fair”, but I am basically a contented person.

    I don’t think the above explanation would be what most “believers” would agree with as to why they believe in a power greater than themselves. Our four sons have all chosen (on their own) to believe in the God their parents believed in, though they do sometime wonder why life has been so difficult for them (and many others). They are all doing well regardless of the bad things that have happened to them.

    I just had to respond to this article. It does not reflect my reasons for believing in a supreme being at all. In fact, I am not sure I can clearly explain what drew me to believe, other than the love my Bible-believing adoptive dad displayed to us and his integrity as a human being. My mother was a loving parent also, but not as strong a believer at that stage. She has since adopted a Christian faith that keeps her going, despite her failing health and old age (89).

    Giving assistance to those less fortunate is the way we do things in a democratic and capitalistic society, and I tend to lean more toward leveling the playing field or toward the beliefs of such men as Tommy Douglas in enabling all people to have a fair chance at access to education, healthcare etc. I do not hold to the ultra-conservative beliefs of many so-called Christians that are lacking in compassion.

    Now I will step down from my grandstand and take a break…..


    1. This is so very thoughtful. You are no doubt more of a Christian than most people who vehemently present themselves as such. I don’t deny that the Bible has many very laudable moral messages and a true follower of the New Testament could not help but be forgiving and loving. The world would be a very different place if the Christianity you are and the Biblical Jesus was were more prevalent in the world today. Unfortunately that’s the case. I’m sure if Jesus came to walk the earth today he would say that “if these people are Christians, then I am not.”
      Yes, I am a humanitarian, I suppose. I’m intolerant of intolerance for starters.
      You’re a writer, why wouldn’t you ask the question you pose to me at the beginning of your comment here and stretch it out into a book. I think that would be interesting. You’ve read Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis. I think you could bring a fresh perspective on the whole issue. Your comment here would be a good start, at least in terms of motivation.


  2. Interesting, the person who originally wrote this article (obviously not you, Roger) chose not to publish my reply. Seems he is not as open-minded as you are. I challenged him on this. I posted to him that I didn’t think he was very open minded.


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