Want to be safe? Maybe we need to let Syrians in and keep Americans out.

I didn’t really want to do this, but I can’t help myself. When I see people advocating shutting down our borders to Syrian refugees I see red. 

As I’ve pointed out in previous posts, there are many historical precedents for receiving refugees and if you want to ‘google’ it, check out how many immigrants, many of them refugees, were brought to Canada from 1896 to 1914. Millions. Not 25,000. Millions! In 1913 and 14, 400,000 or so each year. These people came here from all over Europe, many escaping the tension just before the 1st World War. Many settled in the West. The immigration minister of the time, Clifford Sifton recognized the need for people to come to this country to build it. He gave them land and tools. I’m convinced the paltry number of Syrian refugees we plan on taking in will also enrich this country but we also need to help them. They have been completely impoverished and devastated. Of course not all of them are angels, but neither are all of us.

But closing our borders? Well I could argue that closing our borders to Americans would probably be much more logical than blocking 
Syrians. Why, all Americans have guns don’t you know, murders happen all the time in the US, mass murders are frequent. There’s no way of assuring ourselves that Americans we let in aren’t murderers or child rapers at the least. Our security and safety are in jeopardy! If we’re going to close our borders, we should start with Americans. 

But, you know, Canada has its own murderers and high order miscreants. Women are not safe in this country especially in their own homes. We have our own people ‘terrorizing’ us. We live a few doors down from a ‘legal’  marijuana grow op. Recently I was talking to a young man living on an adjacent property and he decided to move his young family away because the jerk running the grow-op had threatened him telling him to stay away from the grow-op because he has a gun, you know. Gee, Mexico could very well prevent Canadians from coming down because you never know if one of them might be another Paul Bernardo!

Boy, we have all kinds or reasons to be afraid for our safety. Just have to drive the Malahat to be clear on that or live in some of our neighbourhoods such as the Downtown East Side or be homeless. We don’t need hypothetical reasons for being fearful like the fear of Syrian refugees, most of them highly traumatized children and their mothers. 

Of course some people specialize in hatred and fear. Chicken Little is alive and well. ‘The sky is falling.” We don’t need to heed their baseless and ridiculous arguments. 

We live in one of the safest countries in the world and it will stay that way with or without Syrian refugees. We can make it so, but not by being bowed by fear.

Carry on, Justin!

5 thoughts on “Want to be safe? Maybe we need to let Syrians in and keep Americans out.

  1. My friend who is retired from the Canadian Navy and retired from BC ferries had this to say in reply to my queries to him:

    “As long as they (the refugees) are not permitted to form closed communities like they have done in Europe and England where they impose Sharia Law and close out the Legal Authority of the Land I have minimal objections. IF on the other hand they do as they have in Europe and England we should either BREAK UP these outlaw areas or throw the occupants out of the country and ship them to the UAR , Saudi Arabia or Malaysia and let these people take responsibility for their coreligionists.”

    Roger, I am not saying I agree with my friend, but just wanted to see what you think of his argument. He served over in Vietnam and also was in Hong Kong in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He is not what I would call a warmonger.


    1. I don’t agree at all with your friend. Allowing groups with common interests to form organizations or build communities is one of the basis foundations of this country. Some people are totally intolerant of others and I expect that kind of stance is based on ignorance and some xenophobia. In a country like ours, preventing some groups, Christian denominations for example, from creating churches and building communities wouldn’t be tolerated for long. We generally leave people alone to get on with their lives, but historically we’ve shown signs of great intolerance, particularly when it comes to Japanese, Chinese and Indian refugees or immigrants. We do tolerate Mennonites, Hutterites and Doukhobors as well as other groups like that. When we start to pick and choose who we allow to create communities, churches, etc., based on faith is when we become racist, xenophobic. Treat some people as second class citizens and they may tolerate the situation for a while then watch out.
      This is a very complex issue and there is a lot of misunderstanding about Muslims. One of the things that distresses me the most is judging a whole people by the actions of a small minority. That’s just plain wrong in my estimation.


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