Ernest Becker 4: Nah, we don’t REALLY die, do we?

As promised, more Becker. This is the fourth instalment. Short. Easy to read, I think, but a defiance. Becker writes: Each society is a hero system which promises victory over evil and death. “Society” here could mean any group of people from a family to a country to a group of countries to business enterprise and everything in between.

Roger Albert - Always a Sociologist: Now Living With Myeloma

Ernest Becker 4: Nah, we don’t REALLY die, do we?

Alright, so Becker is keen on telling us that we are animals and our ‘animality’ must be considered in any analysis of what our place is on this planet.  More than that he states that like all animals we want to continue to live.  We crave life but know that it will end.  But that just can’t be!  We are such wonderful creatures, we’ve got these big brains and bodies that can give us such pleasure.  Why we must be the most intelligent things in the universe!  We can’t possibly die… Well, maybe, just maybe we don’t die.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Maybe our flesh and blood dies, but WE don’t.  Yes, disease and death are the twin evils that we face, but maybe, just maybe, that’s just a part of what we are.  Well…let’s let Becker speak now as…

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