Up, up in the air.

What do I want to do with this blog? The thought crossed my mind that just giving up on it would not be the worst-case scenario. I’ve been at it for a few years now so it wouldn’t be outrageous for me to either quit entirely or maybe just take a break over the summer. Mygawd, I’m not making any money writing it. Lots of bloggers make money on YouTube with their blogs. I don’t, so what’s the point? Maybe I could monetize my blog, attach it to a video log and turn it loose on YouTube. After all, we DO live in a capitalist society. Might work. Probably not. 

The weather has been wonderful lately if you want to lay about on a deck. I sit on the deck close to the rock/fountain and watch the birds come down for a drink. The one in the video here is a female goldfinch we think. She flits around avoiding direct contact with the fountain. It would probably knock her over if she did. 

The wisteria gives them some shelter and protection before they come down to the fountain, but they’re still wary. Smart birds. There are cats prowlin’ around here. Our princess is one of them and she’s a hunter sometimes, mostly mice, but we don’t want to tempt her with birds. She’s being such a brat lately. She seems to have figured out exactly when I’m just about to fall asleep, then she pounces on the bed, meowling like crazy and poking my face with her paw. 

Tilly has been hanging around the pond a lot lately. She patrols the perimeter sniffing around trying to get frogs to abandon their rocks along the shore. I don’t like the way she’s been fixated on frogs lately. She come close but she hasn’t caught any yet. I’d be very pissed off if she did. She spends most of her time under the deck these days where it’s cool. She’s got such a thick black coat she must really suffer in this heat, but she never complains.

Got a call from my Oncology GP this morning. He noted that my bloodwork is coming back from the lab within reference ranges (normal). Tomorrow I go to the hospital for another infusion of Daratumumab. After that, I don’t get another one until the end of August. As of this month, I’m down to once a month for the Dara. I keep taking my regular chemo meds, lenalidomide and dexamethasone, three weeks on, one week off. So, I’m in a weird space where I have no myeloma detectable in my blood, but I’ll be on chemo for the foreseeable future, that is, until the drugs don’t work anymore. At that point they’ll put me on another regime. That means that I must be vigilant around the side-effects of the chemo. It’s not always easy to tell chemo med side-effects from pain med side-effects. 

For an old man, I’m feeling pretty good these days for about fifty percent of the time. I’m sleeping moderately well most of the time, but I have wakeful nights periodically. My neck is what’s tormenting me the most these days. According to my Oncology GP I have OAD (Old Age Disease). I can’t turn my neck more than 3% left or right. Maybe 4%. Makes it hard to do shoulder checks when I’m driving. Of course, I still drive. What are you thinking? I just have to turn my whole body when I do a shoulder check. That’s fine.

Technically, I have degenerative disc syndrome and it’s common among older people. I’m getting a CT scan early next month to confirm the diagnosis. Once I get the scan, I can ask my GP for a referral to someone who might be able to do something for me. That would be good. If I do get some relief, I’ll be able to do more writing, and maybe some sculpting. I’d love to do a bit of printmaking too. Or maybe I could just lie on the couch more comfortably. That would be good.

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    1. How they come up with the names of these drugs escapes me. You need a fair bit of practice to pronounce them. Even the nurses shorten Daratumumab to Dara. So weird.


  1. Roger, please don’t abandon your blog as long as you have energy to write on it. I for one enjoy reading it. I know many others enjoy it too. As for monetizing it, from my viewpoint, as long as I have enough money to enjoy life, I think monetizing can be a bit of a pain. Glad to read that you are out enjoying your garden. I hope the birds don’t get killed or injured. My friend in New Brunswick posted a junco nest just past her window. There were three light blue eggs getting ready to hatch. A few days later they did hatch and the male and female juncos got busy feeding them. Then one day a neibour’s cat killed the entire family. 😓


  2. Well? You’re doing better then when I saw you last. That’s a good sign. Bored with your blog? It’s YOUR blog. Give it a rest. They said it was 33 today. I’m amazed you could hit the send button. Lazy days of summer I do believe is a quote. Soon enough this will be over and stirrings of writing creativity will undoubtedly break out. Keep a handy pen and paper to jot down topics and thoughts. You can claim you are ‘doing research’ . . .

    Glad to hear the Melanoma has taken a break. Sucks about the neck.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Gragor11a. I’m not bored with my blog per se, and I can come up with topics to write about, but I guess I’m a bit weary. It seems all I want to do is watch cat videos on YouTube! BTW, when are you going to bill us? It would be good to get that settled.

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      1. yes it would. I can’t live on and pay my business expenses off my meager CPP and OAS payments much longer.


      2. Hmm. I just found this response column dating back to 2018. If you’re wondering why I didn’t respond to your comments it was because I was unaware of this feature in WordPress.

        I see my naive comments from feb 2020 just before the lock down about visiting and moving around. How little did I know what was about to happen.


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