What Sociology is For Me (in 1990). Yes, you can chuckle…

Alright, you’re allowed to chuckle a bit as you watch this video.  It’s me in 1990.  Yes, I still have a full head of hair, and it’s still brown. The quality of the video is very poor.  It’s probably 4th generation.  I won’t win any Academy Award for this performance, either.  We filmed this (Dan Moscrip, the Knowledge Network director and his crew) starting early in the morning on Granville Island and finishing twelve hours later at the Bloedel Conservatory.  I memorized my script as we went from venue to venue.  Probably my favourite venue was in Chinatown, shooting over the crowd.  This was all great fun.

So, maybe I didn’t win an Academy Award, but I still go along with the message I was trying to get across 22 years ago…with some minor adjustments I might make.  Now…have a look:

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