What were you doing on February 29, 1988?

On Monday, February 29th, 1988, early in the morning I boarded CP flight number 502 in Comox bound for Vancouver. I flew to Vancouver like this many times in the late 1980s and early 1990s to make my way to the Knowledge Network studios at UBC, then on Mathissi Place, in Burnaby to get my make-up on and teach live interactive telecourses for North Island College. I taught introductory and advanced study skills and introductory sociology all live with a phone in segment during each show. I did 254 discreet hour long lectures in the studio to be broadcast all over Western Canada.

One year I accounted for 10% of college enrolments by teaching on the Knowledge Network, but I was also responsible for tutoring a schwack of courses at our learning centre in Courtenay. I learned later that some of my colleagues thought I was getting paid extra money for doing this. On the contrary, not only did I not get paid any more but in fact it cost me money personally to do this. And I got burned out…but I did receive and award from the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. It was an honorary mention in the technical category.

That is all in the distant past now.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “What were you doing on February 29, 1988?

  1. It’s possible that your shows triggered my awareness that there was even such a course of study called “sociology”. When I attended SFU in 1967-68, I had never heard of sociology. I remember watching Dr. Catchpole teaching psychology on KK. At that time in my life, I was suffering from severe low back pain and battling the depression that often accompanies chronic pain. It’s interesting to compare notes with friends as to what they were doing at a certain time in their lives.


    1. Jeez, Marilyn. I don’t know how this comment got so lost for so long. It’s a perceptive comment and should be made available for others to read so I’m approving it. Thanks.


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